Camera Manual Out

It was that lovely shiny thing that you spent a lot of money on and which was something that was going to enhance your photographic experience.

Yes, the manual was there but did you ever read it? In fact, did you even pick it up other than to get it out of the way in preparation for grabbing and caressing your new piece of equipment?

Well, I’m not going to castigate you. It is natural to play with your camera as soon as you get it. I did the same. I was so excited. And, of course, most digital cameras are so simple to use that you don’t really need a manual to get started.

But, now you’ve had a play, it is time to have a look at the instruction manual. Get it out and grab a coffee in preparation for reading it.

You will learn something.

You may learn how to change your camera onto shutter or aperture priority. Perhaps switch to manual. How about setting a different white balance of changing the ISO setting? What about flash compensation, zooming, changing the quality of the saved image, self-timing, depth of field preview, anti-red eye. Then there’s changing battery types, AC control, memory card types and sizes …..